The Perfect Fit

Wow, this has been a long journey!

I actually retired as a full time educator back in 2010, but I continued to work part time until May of 2017.

I have been looking for an online income stream that is real… not a scam… and would fit my personality and skill set.

I have found what I would call the “perfect fit”.

It is actually two business models that I can work at the same time…


First, I will explain what I was looking for…

It had to be online… something I could work from home… and something that I did not need to go and meet people and share “face to face”. If you know me, you know that I am basically an introvert and my personality does not lend itself to “live” presentations… just being honest.

Second, it had to be something that I could be proud of… no scammy, over-hyped, “get rich quick” stuff… not for me, and hopefully not for you either. I was looking for something with an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau… I found it.

Third,I was not interested in MLM, or Network Marketing… tried that… no “worky” for me! Everything I am doing is either marketing my own products, or affiliate marketing… selling someone else’ product for a commission. Some of my programs are what are called “two-tiered” affiliate products.

Finally, it had to be a digital product or service… I’ve tried the “physical product” stuff… shakes, creams, nutritional supplements… didn’t work for me! I was looking for a digital product or service that can be instantly accessed over the internet via computer or smart phone… no product inventory… no ordering… no shipping… none of that stuff.


So, as I said, I discovered two solutions to what I was looking for.

The first is a digital product business that I market through email marketing. By digital products I am talking about eBooks, Training Videos and audios, templates, and graphics packages… things that can be accessed and download on your computer or digital device.

I have implemented this business model and I am currently selling multiple products each month.


Income Stream Number Two

I am just now starting my second income stream, a web hosting/marketing services business. The business I chose to work with is called BuilderAll, and basically I offer marketing tools and services to both individuals and businesses. I am marketing this business online via email marketing and social media, like Facebook.

Now, most of you know that I know quite a bit about building websites and such… but the amazing thing is that you really don’t have to know much to run this business… the BuilderAll system makes it quite easy for anyone to run.

Basically, if you can create documents in Microsoft Word, you can build websites with BuilderAll.

So, you may see some Facebook posts from time to time promoting one of my two business models… no more than two per day (one for each business)… not even that many most of the time.

If you are interested, click on the links… if not, just skip on past it. I am NOT going to contact you personally and badger you with my stuff. OK?

So, here is the link to look at what I am doing with BuilderAll ===> BuilderAll Marketing System

Thank you for taking an interest…

Greg Ray
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Write A New Blog Post Every Day…

Write A New Blog Post Every Day

Posting articles to your blog is an activity that pays dividends untold. Besides my own hosted WordPress blogs, I also use the IBO Toolbox PR Tool as a blog platform.

IBO Toolbox bloggers are rewarded even more in that the SEO structure and page rank of the IBO Social platform boosts the performance of each blog post to even greater heights.

As an experiment, I published a post promoting a new Internet marketing tool. I did no keyword research… no SEO. I just posted an article reviewing the basic product on IBO Toolbox.

I waited about 30 minutes, and typed in a Google search for the product by name. I was on page four out of millions of pages. Now that’s pretty good. Imagine how responsive the results will be with a little SEO planning and comments from fellow IBO Toolbox members.

I really believe most marketers have no idea of the power of IBO Toolbox and IBO Social. I have been publishing a blog on my main site for well over a year. The results have been less than encouraging.

On the other hand, I had been an IBO member for about six weeks…  I had posted 22 blog posts on a variety of subjects relating to online marketing. I did not post articles about any specific business opportunity.

Because of a holiday, I did very little on IBO Toolbox as far as wall posting and commenting.  And yet, when I checked I had 254 views on my IBO Social profile.

I’m not sure I had 254 total views on one of my my other blogs all year!

OK, I hope I have made my point. Make a commitment to post at least one blog article per day using the IBO Toolbox  PR Tool, and your business will be rewarded immensely.

P.S. If you haven’t already done so, here’s the link to join IBO Toolbox.  It’s FREE!  Always FREE!

==>  IBO Toolbox

What Is The Best Type of Product?

What Is The Best Type of Product

When selecting the type of product to base your business upon you basically have three choices…

Digital, Physical, or Service Oriented products.

What is meant by that?

Digital products include eBooks, videos, audios, and software that, when the buyer purchases, they then download it to their computer or other electronic device.

Physical products are what you see on the counters at your local store.

A service oriented product is just what it says… you provide a service to the customer.

Physical products are perceived by some to have more value… after all, you can actually pick it up, feel it, taste it… you get the idea. However, physical products have a cost of production involved with every product sold… typically 50% or more.

And then there’s the cost of shipping and delivering the products. Let’s face it… you can’t deliver a weight loss supplement through a download link. Lot’s of obstacles to overcome here.

Service oriented businesses can just plain turn into another job!  After all, if you don’t provide the service, you make no income. You must have your service available 24/7. If a customer calls, you go!

Of course, there are some service oriented businesses that are delivered online… like an autoresponder service or web hosting. One of my streams of income provides five different services just like these to online marketers, and it works well.

The business model that I prefer, however, is that of marketing digital products.

Digital products have the benefit that you have no inventory or shipping issues. Once the digital product is created it can be replicated endlessly with NO more additional production costs.

As I said before, it is much more costly to produce and deliver physical products. 50% or more of the final product price is involved in manufacture and delivery… there’s no way around that. Therefore, those production costs must be passed on to distributors and the customers.

On the other hand, if your business deals with digital products and services, a lot more of the product’s final price can be passed on to distributors in the form of commissions.

Most of the digital products I market have a 75% or higher profit margin… many 100%.

So, do your due diligence and research the type of product that you believe will work best for you…

As for me, I’ll stick with digital products!

The Business Mindset: Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur

The Business Mindset

Many new online business owners start out building their new enterprise part time as they continue to work their current job. Their business experience centers around working for someone else. They are an employee. In most cases these individuals have been an employee for years… perhaps for their entire life.

It may be difficult for the new entrepreneur to move away from the employee mentality.

What do I mean by this?

Those who have the employee mentality are more likely to look for other people to tell that what to do. They may have difficulties in taking responsibility for their business tasks and decisions. They may find it hard to accept responsibility for their ultimate success or failure as an entrepreneur.

Which one are you… entrepreneur or employee?

If you are an entrepreneur you think differently than the employee. The “Buck Stops Here” is a quote that comes to mind. You, and you alone, are responsible for the success or failure of your business. You are the decision maker… you take both the credit and the blame.

The entrepreneur is not afraid to take risks. He will invest in his business… both time and money.

The entrepreneur understands that success is not a right… success is earned. You don’t necessarily get a paycheck just because you put in some hours.. no guarantees.

A new business venture is NOT a scam just because you didn’t get rich overnight. 95% of all new business ventures don’t make it… online or offline.

The entrepreneur knows that he will probably be drastically underpaid as he starts his business… but, later, he may be earning money while he sleeps.

As a new business owner, it is critical that you move away from the employee mindset… trading hours for pay… expecting specific wages for the hours put in… expecting guaranteed success without risk.

As long as you continue with the employee mindset you will NOT make the transition that of the entrepreneur… and the rewards you are seeking through your business ventures.

Here’s Your Leadership Blueprint

Here's Your Leadership Blueprint

Let me ask you this question… What does a building contractor require first before he begins construction?

Answer: The Blueprint.

The blueprints details every aspect of the structure to be built… even down to how it will look when finished.

What essential quality does an online marketer need to be successful?

Leadership… hands down.

Leadership comes in many forms… some leaders are very charismatic… some are compassionate. Some leaders lead by example… some by motivation.

Whatever the case, let’s explore the characteristics and qualities of the ideal leadership blueprint.

What does a great leader look like? Take a look at this list of leadership qualities:

A leader…

  • is willing to step out of his comfort zone
  • listens to others
  • is full of enthusiasm
  • passion for his cause
  • shows appreciation of others
  • has vision
  • is a good role model
  • trusts others
  • has integrity
  • has developed organization skills
  • is knowledgeable
  • is always credible
  • can be persuasive
  • is charismatic
  • is definitely a team builder
  • has clarity of purpose
  • solves problems
  • has a servant attitude
  • leads by example
  • is patient with others
  • takes action
  • understands followers
  • is very consistent
  • empowers others
  • is adaptable to change.

Notice what characteristics are included… positive characteristics that require people skills. The leader must put himself in vulnerable positions, and yet still be confident and sure in his leadership position.

Now notice what the list does NOT include… characteristics such as being stern, mean, quick-tempered, spiteful, being a bully, angry, abrasive, punishing, selfish, only thinking of himself, manipulating, or ruthless.

Who would you rather work with? A list 1 type leader who really cares for you… or the leader of list 2?

What about you? How would you characterize your leadership skills compared to the above list of positive traits. If you were to survey the people who daily work with you, how would they describe your leadership?

Would you be more effective by taking on more of the list one characteristics?

Most People want leadership that cares for them with true compassion, courtesy, and respect. They want leaders who are all about helping them become successful. They want leadership that inspires and empowers them with vision and shows them how to get there.

Remember what Zig Ziglar always taught… “If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get what you want too.”

Get your eyes off yourself…

Home Business: The Challenges

Home Business: The Challenges

Starting your own home based business without doing your research would be like diving into the deep end without knowing how to swim and without a life preserver. Before you step into the waters, or dive in as the case may be, recognize some of the challenges that you will surely encounter

At first you will be working a whole lot for very little pay. You won’t be following your normal work schedule anymore. With your regular job, you can hang it up and relax at 5:00… all thoughts of work gets to be postponed to the next day when you go back for work. But, when you are working on your own work at home business, you will be living, eating and breathing your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Anyway, you will be if you truly want to succeed and create the income you desire.

You have to be ready to sacrifice your time. Many people get into their business anticipating that they will have loads of free time to address their business needs and yet, still be able to enjoy more time with their family. This is the exact opposite of the situation… at first. When owning a home business, it will be difficult for you to balance between your family and your work.

Here’s another thing… you will be doing everything! While working your 9-5 day job you are hired to do something that you are trained and specialized in. However, when you are running your own business, not only you are your own boss, but you are also your own assistant, your own typist, your own advertising manager, your own copywriter, your own webmaster…. the list goes on and on! Until your business blossoms and you start raking in profits, which may take months to years, be prepared to do everything on your own. This may require new skills AND doing things you don’t particularly like to do.

Also, mark my word, when working from home, there will often be distractions and interruptions from your family… the phone will ring off the hook… or a new distributor will do everything they can to occupy all of your time. Children will be running around the house demanding your attention. All of these distractions and interruptions can slow down your work progress keeping you from focusing on the task at hand.

Finally, don’t think that setting up a home business is easy money. You will have to work hard for every dollar that you earn. Just don’t be discouraged… hang on to your dream and you will turn your home business into a financial success!

To Have More We Must Become More – Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn - To Have More We Must Become More

Jim Rohn is one of my favorite mentors. I ave ready many of his books, and listened to his audios. I’m so sad that he has passed on now, but what a treasure of knowledge and motivation he left behind.

What is your reaction to the Jim Rohn quote I used as the title of this post?

Jim Rohn told a story once of a young man who was dissatisfied with his circumstances in life. When he was asked why he did not like his job, he said that his company didn’t pay much.

His mentor remarked, “Oh, really. How much does the CEO of the company make?”

The young man guessed at the amount he received, and his wise tutor replied, “I see… so your company doesn’t pay YOU much. You need to make YOURSELF better so that YOU are of more value.”

A few months ago the headlines were full of people demanding more pay for “lesser skilled” jobs…

My question is this…  why not acquire more skills to make yourself more valuable to the workplace, and thus deserving of more pay?

Who deserves more pay?  A fry cook or a restaurant manager?  The guy pumping gas or the guy hauling it?  The teacher’s aide or the teacher?

Are you not making much in your job or your work at home business?  Why not apply this principle to your circumstances?

Jim Rohn taught that “We achieve rewards and we make progress not by our intense pursuits, but by what we become. It is what we are that finally determines the results we attract.”

Our attitude determines the quality of our life… our attitude also determines the quality of our pursuits. As we become a better person, a better communicator, a better motivator, a better leader, a better servant… we will be ultimately rewarded in like manner.

Just something to think about…



Did the Internet Save Network Marketing?

Did the Internet Save Network Marketing

I ran across an article the other day titled, “How The Internet Saved Network Marketing”.

That started me thinking….

Back in the 70’s, like a lot of others, I was afflicted with the MLM bug when I encountered the Amway business for the first time. The upline I was involved with was very successful, one of the top systems in the company.

I had great aspirations, but I just couldn’t do what my leaders could do. I listened to one success tape after another, read books, did everything they suggested. I sponsored several… I had a downline of about 20 people… I was drawing circles every night. I just didn’t have the personality and leadership to duplicate my upline.

Over the years I encountered and tried several other companies with different products and different plans. There were a lot of people that did succeed in the old style network marketing concepts… make your list of 100 people… call them up and get them to a meeting… you know the routine.

The fact is, there were a lot more failing at MLM than succeeding. Network marketing really got a bad reputation… that of the snake oil salesman, so to speak.

Then came the Internet.

Things changed… and rapidly, too.

No longer did you have to chase friends and family… you could market to the entire planet.

Network marketing companies still follow the same business models… but now you can market all types of products… physical products as well as digital products and services.

No more heading to the mall to find some “new prospects”… write a new blog post instead.

People who in the past failed at MLM are now prospering.

You can send traffic to a website to sell your products. You don’t even have to stock an inventory… your customer’s product orders are delivered straight to their doorsteps.

And the network marketing company collects the payments and sends out the checks.

You can set up a marketing funnel that works 24/7 to any part of the world.

Follow-ups can be handled by autoresponders.

And if you need to make a phone call to a downline rep in London, there’s Skype.

If you need training you no longer have to travel halfway across the country for a major event… just watch a webinar.

No, I don’t believe it’s over the top to say that the Internet saved network marketing.

What Do Learning to Play Guitar and Network Marketing Have in Common?

What Do Learning to Play Guitar and Network Marketing Have in Common

On Sunday afternoons I teach a group guitar class at my church. A thought crossed my mind yesterday, “What do learning to play guitar and network marketing have in common?”

Here’s what I came up with…

1. You don’t learn to play the guitar overnight.

A lot of people see the simple concept of network marketing, and they think that it will happen overnight. When it doesn’t, they cry “SCAM” and give up.

Network marketing empires don’t happen overnight! It takes hard work to reach success. But, just like playing the guitar, the work can be fun, and the results can be very rewarding.

2. Learning to play the guitar requires consistency… practice, practice, practice.

A lot of new guitar students never get past the “sore fingers stage”.

Look at a guitar player’s finger tips… they are calloused. It takes lots of consistent practice time to move through the “sore finger stage” and form those calluses. Most novice guitarists simply quit because it hurts too much… they are not willing to endure the pain as the calluses are formed.

Novice networkers are apt to quit too soon also. They give up before their consistent efforts produce the results they are seeking. They place a few ads and when they don’t see results, they abandon ship.

It takes consistent effort over time to realize results. Success doesn’t happen overnight. As your ads and promotions are seen over a period of time, you develop what is known as “online branding”. People begin to recognize your name, curiosity is built up, and they begin to believe that you really have something they are interested in.

3. Guitar students need to follow their mentor’s instructions.

When I teach guitar classes I share what I learned from my teacher. Yes, you could learn from books or videos. But believe me, it’s a lot easier to sit next to an accomplished player and let them show you personally how it’s done. You can ask questions, and get an immediate response.

Networkers can also benefit from a business coach. You learn a lot more from a mentor who has been there and done that. It’s great to know that the answer to an important question is just a phone call away.

The Motivation of “Why”

The Motivation of Why

I had just completed a hectic week.

I retired awhile back after 35 years in the education field, but I still work from time to time as a consultant. I worked the last 10 years as the school district Director of Technology. As such, I ran the school computer network. I also maintained and repaired over 950 computers and all of the peripherals that went along with them.

That part I enjoyed.

The other part of my position had to do with paperwork… submitting reports and writing grants. This part I hated.

Guess which part I now continue to do as a consultant? You guessed it… the paperwork part.

As school was reconvening, I had a major technology grant to complete.

I had to work all week on this project… and I was not at all motivated to do so.

What I rediscovered this week, however, is my “Why?”

Why am I spending my retirement time working at home on an online business that is still in its infancy, and therefore, not terribly profitable as of yet?

Here’s the reason… I don’t particularly like working every day. And I really I don’t like answering an alarm clock.

If I work a few hours each day, on a consistent basis, I will soon NOT have to work as a consultant doing the very thing I hated the most about my job that I retired from.

That’s my “Why”.

Now I ask this… what is your “Why”?

What is it that gives you the motivation to burn the midnight oil when you could be sitting back and relaxing watching the latest sitcom or crime drama?

Once you figure out your “Why”, display it where you will see it each day. You might write down the goals you wish to achieve. It might just be a photo of your kids, whom you would love to spend more time with. It might be a travel brochure… or a new car ad. It might be a picture of starving kids that you would love to support. It might be aging parents.

Whatever your “Why”, put it up where you can see it each and every day.

My reminder is just the numbers 471. That’s the number of the form I have to submit for the technology grant I just completed. I wrote it on my computer monitor.

My main goal in life, and for my online business, is to help others. My website,, is centered around the idea of helping others reach their life goals.

Look forward to seeing you…

Greg Ray
Home Income Bonus