Email Subject Line Expertise

Email subject line expertise

See if this scenario sounds familiar…

1. You have either found an opportunity that you are excited about, or you have created your own product to market online.

2. You have spent hours crafting the perfect squeeze page, landing page, or even a complete website.

3. You send out emails promoting your offer to your list… or you buy solo ads to promote your offer.

4. You make no money because nobody opened your emails.

Has this happened to you? It certainly has for me.  So, what do you do to prevent this from happening?

One thing you need to realize is that your email open rate failure may rely on the first thing your prospect sees… your subject line.

You need to examine your whole “subject line” creation process.

The email subject line is perhaps the most overlooked part of the marketing process. So, let’s take a quick look at several steps that you can implement to get a better open rate, and thereby getting your marketing message viewed by more people.


Here are some benefits I hope to provide…

* Following this guide will help you gain knowledge that will enable you to be an even better marketer…

* Following this guide will help you develop a better relationship with your list by increasing your trust factor….

* Following this guide will increase your “optin” rates…

* Following this guide will ultimately increase your profits.

First, let’s go over some basic factors in the process…


Why Are Subject Lines So Important?

Think about this… NOBODY really wants to read your emails… not at first anyway.

Later, after you have built a relationship with you list, some will want to read your emails.

We live in an “instant” world in which people make split-second decisions whether or not to open your emails… people’s brains make a judgement call in less than a second.

So, to be sure, the subject must grab the reader’s attention and compel them to open and read the email.


What Makes a Great Subject Line?

The process for developing winning email subject lines has 3 steps…

  1. Be Clear and Concise… eliminate confusion for your readers
  2. Create Multiple Subject Lines… spend some time creating several subject lines. Choose the one’s you believe to be the best chance of success.
  3. Test… using a professional link tracker, test the performance of the subject lines you have created.


In my next post I will examine step one in greater detail…  “How to Make Clear, Concise Subject Lines”.

Until then…

Happy Marketing
Greg Ray
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What’s Your “Freedom Number”?

What's Your Freedom Number

Back in August of 2010 I retired after 34 years in public education. Retirement sounded exciting… but along with it came a significant reduction in pay.

So I remained part time in my position of Technology Coordinator for the school district in order to supplement my retirement income… I like to tell people that I am “almost” retired.

But, because of this, I have still not reached my goal of “really” being retired… of gaining my “time” and “Financial” freedom.

I am very involved in the ministry of my church, and sometimes, opportunities come up that I would love to volunteer for… especially in disaster relief efforts.

As it stands now, however, I am often unable to volunteer because of the time and financial constraints… it costs a lot of money to fly to some of these places that need help.

So, the question to answer here is how much income I would need each month to step away from my present job. Even though it is just part time, it is still essential to meet my monthly cost of living.

I am luckier than most because my wife and I both receive retirement checks each month. My calculations determine that I need $2,000 each month as my “freedom number”.

How do I reach that income each month?

My commission on the “front end” product of my primary program comes to about $20 per sale. That would mean that I would need to make 100 sales each month to reach my “freedom number”… that’s about 25 sales per week.

But wait… there are also “back end” sales, one of which is a monthly membership site which pays me $42 per sale.

Now the “freedom number” drops to just under 50 sales per month

And the neat thing is the monthly membership site is recurring… this means that once a sale is made, and the customer continues to keep their membership, the cash keeps coming in.

Eventually I will build up a residual income, based on about 50 sales per month, that just keeps coming in, even though I might be in Swaziland, Africa working in an orphanage.

That’s what I’m looking for… that’s my “freedom number”…

What’s yours?


P.S. – My commission on a “high ticket” product sale is $1,000… I would only have to make two sales each month to reach my “freedom number”…

Check out the video link below to learn how…

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“Want To” and “How To”

"Want To" - "How To"

Life is a unique combination of “want to” and “How to”, and we need to give equal attention to both.    -Jim Rohn

“Want To”

Let me ask you a couple of questions:

First question…

What is your reason for wanting to build a successful, sustainable, and profitable online business?  What drives you?  What energizes your efforts?

Second question…

Will you do everything it takes to accomplish that goal?

If you’re NOT willing to do everything it takes, then it’s not going to happen…

Simple as that!


“How To”

The second part of the equation is the “how to”.

The neat thing about this part is that, unlike the “want to”, the “how to” does not have to totally rely on you personally.

Yes, there are a lot of marketing tasks that need to center on you and your talents and skills… like writing your blog posts and email follow-up messages, for instance.

For you to truly develop a relationship with your readers and subscribers, you need to interject your own personality and experiences into your posts and messages. Therefore, that is one task that needs to rest on you personally.

But there are a lot of other aspects of your online business that can be outsourced, or “hired out”, so to speak…  “techie” things, for example.


So, here’s the plan…

1. Continue to work on developing the skills you already have…

These might include writing, developing product ideas, creating ads, building websites… whatever your skills and talents consist of.

2. Learn new skills as they are needed…

Need to set up a WordPress blog? Look for a training series to teach you how. Need to set up an autoresponder?  There’s YouTube… learn how. You get the picture.

3. Remember that your main focus is to keep your business moving forward.

If it takes so much of your time to learn a new task that your business stalls out, then outsource it.

One way to get your business up and going quickly is to become an affiliate, promoting another marketer’s products.  In that way you can focus on your marketing, and let others take care of product development and support.

One of the very best product funnels I have ever come across is Dean Holland’s “Big Affiliate Blueprint”.

Why not take a few minutes and check out Dean’s flagship product funnel… maybe this is the vehicle you have been looking for to jump start your online quest.  Click on the banner below to view the free video which explains everything…


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You Must Have Balance

Balancing Family and Business

How Do You Focus On A Balanced Life Between Business and Family?

As I sat down to write this post, I looked through one of my notebooks for an idea… I ran across this half page list, and it just jumped out at me. It caused me to think… to re-evaluate the approach I have been taking in my business activities.

You see, I have “tunnel vision”. I tend to be “hyper” focused on the task at hand… so much that I tend to be oblivious to anything else around me… events… family… sometimes I don’t even hear my cell phone ring.

At the same time, I can also be the exact opposite.  Even though I can be totally fixated on a project one minute, I can go off in a totally different direction in a flash.  And then, once again, I put my “blinders” on.

Because of this, I tend to have great difficulty finishing my business projects… or any project, for that matter.

For instance, today I had the goal of completing a post for my blog… it was my primary task for the day.  And yet, even though it was top on my list, I got sidetracked multiple times, and here I am at 6:00 p.m., finally writing this piece while watching the news on TV with my wife.  I had all day to do this while she was at her mom’s… and now, I am once again NOT giving her the full attention she deserves.

So here’s the entire list… it’s short… but contains a lot of wisdom.

I hope that as you read this, you too will re-evaluate your business activities, weighing the importance of the business tasks and the importance of your family.

While it is definitely essential to be focused on doing what it takes to reach the success you want in your business efforts, it is even more important to make time for your family.

I don’t remember where I got these, or who wrote them originally, but there is the list, along with some personal thoughts on each…

How Do You Focus On A Balanced Life?

1.  Schedule 1-2 days each week for your family… NO business activities.

(I reserve Sundays, all day… I make time for family activities FIRST on Saturdays… I might do some business activities afterwards, but family activities come first.)

2. Schedule one day each week to write up your whole weeks “to do” list

(If you take the time to plan your business activities, it will help keep you focused and moving forward each day… I know when I do this, I am much less distracted.  If you can keep your schedule “on track” you will not have to steal “family” time to get everything done.)

3. Take the 5th week off each month…  spend extra time with family… NO business tasks.

(Very seldom is the 5th week an entire week… usually it’s only 2-3 days.  This month is a bit unusual as there are six days in the last week, but that’s OK.  It’s good to relax with the family for a few days… get your batteries recharged.)

So, here’s my recommendation… take  time during the remainder of this month to plan out your schedule for next month. Decide on which days you will work, and which days you’ll reserve for the family… and stick to it!


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What Is Traffic, Really?

Targeted Traffic

If you are just starting out as an online marketer, or even if you have been involved for quite some time, you have heard it said many times that traffic is the key to online success.

However, I want to tell you that traffic in only half the equation… check this out…

Traffic + Conversions = Sales ($)

Be aware that traffic by itself, does NOT guarantee sales.

Once again… Traffic + Conversions =  Sales ($)

In the past, I have been good at generating traffic to my sites using “free” traffic methods… meaning that I was able to generate a lot of visitors to my sites.  But, was it quality traffic?

And, although I have created a lot of website visitors, I have not been good at “conversions”… therefore I didn’t make a lot of money.

So, as I evaluate my web traffic, like many of you, I either had low quality traffic or a low conversion rate… or BOTH.

So, let’s break down the first part of the equation… how to get quality traffic.

Defining “Web Traffic”

Traffic is simply a stream of people who are visiting your website.

These visitors can fall into two categories…  “Un-Targeted” traffic and “Targeted” traffic.

For example, “un-targeted” traffic might be seen in a lot of online video game sites. Advertisers pay for people to be taken from the “game” site to theirs in the form of a “pop-over” or “pop-under” ad. Someone is there for a completely different reason… in this case, to play a video game… and when they exit the game, they are taken to your site.

They did not EVER intend to land on your site… very “un-targeted” traffic.

True Targeted Traffic

What then is true “targeted” traffic?

One example of this is when people find your site through a “Google” search. These visitors truly want to visit your site. Unfortunately, it is very hard to get your website at the top of the “Google” search feed so that your site can be found… especially in the “make money online” niche.

Another example is when people receive you link through an email from a trusted source… this is called email marketing. Your visitor is presented with a strong call to action in the message, and they decide to click your link.

Very “Targeted” Traffic

So, as we work our way through the process, we can see that we should ONLY focus our money, time, and efforts investing in “targeted” traffic.

I would like to show you the REAL process to building a long lasting, hugely profitable, life changing online business…

You can watch the first video below and learn the one thing that completely changed my business…

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How To Treat Your List

How To Treat Your ListOver the years I have built several small lists of 200 or more subscribers. I have one list related to healthy homemade dog food that is connected to both a blog and a FB page… it continues to get subscribers every week even though I have not written any new content in over a year.

I have sold a few products through affiliate links contained in my emails. Unfortunately, this has been very sporadic.

But it seems that I just can’t get beyond that 200 subscriber threshold…  and I have never been able to find the secret to generating consistent sales online.

But things are changing…

What I really needed was a mentor to teach me how to market effectively… someone to teach me how to build and manage my list.

I have discovered some fantastic training by my new friend and millionaire marketer, Dean Holland. I also have access to a group of incredible marketers who help me every day.

Now, to the subject at hand… “How To Treat Your List”… here are some of the lings I have learned.

Your List Represents REAL People

First, remember that your list is made up of real people. Just as you don’t want to be “spammed” constantly, neither do they. One of my favorite axioms is, “Don’t Advertise… Inform.”

Give your readers real value in your email messages… real content that will help them solve their real problems.

For example, in my dog food blog, the real problem is that they really care for their dogs and they are dissatisfied with the quality of commercial dog food… they are looking for alternative solutions.

Learn to “LOVE” Your List

That’s right… learn to “love” your list…  treat them like “family”… show them that you really have their best interests at heart. Give free, helpful information from time to time, and ONLY promote trusted products.

Don’t promote every new “shiny object” that comes down the pipeline. Be selective. Buy and evaluate the products yourself… if you find that they are not useful to you, they probably won’t benefit your list either.

With my dog food site I only promote two products, each of which I have bought and researched thoroughly.

Let Your Personality Show

Be yourself… let your personality show through in your emails. Remember, not everyone will like you, but some will love you.

Talk about things that generally interest you… connect with your followers.

You Need A Support Group and Mentorship To Succeed

As I mentioned before, there are key elements that you need to know to become a successful email marketer…  but you don’t have to go it alone.

I came to the conclusion that I was never going to reach the goals I had set for myself on my own. I needed to be taken by the hand by someone who has been where I was, and made it to where I want to go. I found Internet Profits…

I encourage you to take a few minutes to check out the video below… see if this could be the answer you are looking for as well…

It is for me…


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Email List Basics

Email List BasicsWhat Is An Email List?

Basically, an email list is a group of people who are very interested in your offers… so interested that they have consented to receive your email messages.  They are usually collected through and “opt-in” process whereby they submit their email contact information in exchange for something they wish to receive… usually a digitally delivered information product such as an eBook, or an audio or video training.

Simply put, they said, “I’ll give you my email, you send me your “freebie”.

So, what do we know about the individuals that subscribe to your list?

We know at least one thing that they are interested in… interested enough that they will risk giving out their private information to receive it.

We know that they at least have access to a computer and the internet.

We know that are computer literate enough to download and consume a digital product.

That’s really all the information you need to know to begin a trust relationship with that person, with the ultimate goal of turning them into a paying customer.


Why Must You Build A List?

You will be building a targeted “audience” of subscribers who are interested in your offers.

You will be building traffic and money on demand.  If you have a new product to offer, you won’t need to worry about generating the traffic you need to visit your website… you just send out an email. If you need to generate cash, you simply find a new offer that you believe will benefit the members of your list and send an email. It’s a simple concept.

If done right, you will be building a loyal group of followers that know, like, and trust you… you will be building an ongoing relationship with those followers.

You can become a marketing powerhouse.

You can communicate with people who make up your target market in a personalized way.

You can set up your autopilot marketing system enabling you to make money while you sleep.

OK… I’ve shown you what a “list” is, and I’ve discussed why you need a list.

Are you on board with me so far?


The Next Step…

So, now I give you the bad news… list building is hard to do and it takes a long time to learn how to do it right.

But here’s how you can speed up the process…

Check out the video link below and access the free training presented by Dean Holland, my marketing mentor.  I meet with him online every week where he teaches me how to build my business…  and, not only that, he provides me with everything I need to succeed with a “done-for-you” marketing funnel that I just plug into…

Will you risk a few minutes of your day and watch the free video below?

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Three Types of Website Visitors

Three Types of Website Visitors

In my previous blog post, I discussed the different groups that you need to serve in your business. (If you missed it, here’s the link…

These four groups include:

  • Your Audience
  • Your Partners
  • Your Team Members
  • Your Community

Now I want to “zero in” and focus on that first group… your “audience”

In fact, I want to break that group down even further into three types of Audience that you need to serve in your business.  These include…

  • Your Visitors
  • Your Subscribers
  • Your Customers

OK… with me so far?

Now I want to drill down even further to just one segment of the audience group… your visitors.

In the simplest terms, your visitors are those people who view your website, squeeze page, social media page (Facebook page), or hosted video (YouTube, Vimeo).

Another term marketers use when referring to visitors is “traffic”… and there are three types of traffic.

“Hot” traffic are those people who visit your site that are VERY interested in what you are offering AND who also know and trust you. They know that they have a need and you have a solution.

“Warm” traffic refers to people who know they need what you are offering… but they don’t know you. There is no trust level… there has been no relationship developed between you and the visitor.

“Cold” traffic, which by far makes up the greatest percentage of your visitors, are people who definitely don’t know you… there is no trust relationship… and they also probably don’t know that they have a need for what you are offering.

For example, let’s say you are offering a product that teaches you “how to build a marketing list”.

Your “cold” traffic visitors don’t have a clue that they need to know this… they only know that they would like to build a website that makes them money online.

So, how do you serve each of these different types of visitors? How do you successfully turn these visitors into paying customers?

That is exactly the type of marketing questions you will find the answers to within our “Big Affiliate Blueprint” training.

Just watch the video below…

Can you really afford NOT to check this out?

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Four Groups Your Business Should Serve

Four Groups Your Business Should Serve

The Four Types of People You Need to Serve In Your Business

One thing you need to do is evaluate your business an determine if you are adequately serving each of the four types of people…

  • Your Audience
  • Your Partners
  • Your Team Members
  • Your Community

Let’s break these down…

You Need To Serve Your Audience
Let’s start by discussing who your audience is…

  • The people who read your ads…
  • The people who buy your products…
  • The people who read your Social Media posts…
  • The people who subscribe to your list…

How do you serve your audience?
First off, you need to have their interests at heart in everything you do in your business.

When you market your product or service, think about how it will benefit them.

When you offer a product or service, make sure that their needs are met, NOT your pocketbook.

When you post about your business on Facebook or Twitter, give information that is truly valuable, NOT just a spammy ad.

Provide you subscribers with quality, life changing information… give them “freebies” once in awhile… don’t just bombard them with product offers.

You Need To Serve Your Partners

Who is doing business with you?

If you are you marketing your own product, your partners might be your affiliates.

If you are in a network marketing opportunity, your partners may be your upline or sideline members.


How do you serve your partners?

Support and acknowledge their efforts… NEVER be negative.

Work with… NOT work for your partners.

If you have affiliates, do everything possible to help them be successful.

You Need To Serve Your Team Members

Who are your team members?

Again, if you are marketing your own products, team members might be employees or people you outsource work to.

If you are building a network marketing opportunity, your team members are your downline.

How do you serve your team members?

Again, do everything you can to help them succeed.

If your team includes employees or outsourcers, reward them well for their work… give them a bonus for a job well done.

Promote for your downline members… place new people in their downline as a reward for those who are working hard.

You Need To Serve Your Community

Do you want to know the quickest way to build great relations for your business in your community?

Support community events… set up a booth at the annual Fourth of July Festival… and don’t sell… provide INFORMATION and VALUE.

Join your local Chamber of Commerce, or similar organizations.

Write article for the local newspaper… again, provide INFORMATION and VALUE.

When people start to see you and your business serving their needs, your bottom line will start to grow as well.

I wish I could take credit for developing all of this great marketing training… but I can’t.  I learned it from my mentor and business partner, Dean Holland… and my business has exploded!

Want to learn for yourself from my millionaire mentor? Check out the video link below…

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What Is Your Business Vision?

What Is Your Business Vision?

Why Set Business Goals?

In a study among students at the Harvard School of Business, these questions were asked:

“Have you set clear goals for your future?  Are they written down? If so, have you made plans to accomplish these goals?

The results?

Only 3% had written goals and plans to achieve these goals.

Another 13% had goals, but they were not written down.

The remaining 84% had no specific goals whatsoever.

Ten years later, the 13% with goals were making twice as much as the other 84% who had no goals.

And the 3% who had the written goals and plans… they were making over ten times as much as the other 97% put together.

Do you see the correlation?

Okay…  you see the importance of writing down your goals. What is the recipe to make this happen?

Getting Your Goals Down On Paper

Here’s an exercise that will help you develop a plan going forward for your business…

Let’s start with defining your long range and short range goals.

First, let’s attack this in reverse order.

We’ll start looking way out in the future.

What is the one thing you want to do someday…  something that will drive you to do what most other people will not do… the one thing that will make you give up watching TV to work on your business… the one thing that will make you give up that overpriced cup of fancy coffee every day to have the cash to invest in advertising for your business… the one thing that burns within you to accomplish.

We’ll call this your “someday goal”.

So, it would read something like this…  Someday I would like to _____________. You get the picture.

Write that down!
Now, let’s specify this in more definite terms…
Based on the goal above, What is one thing you could do in the next five years that would enable you to reach your “someday goal”?
Write that down!

Next, what is one thing you could do in the next year to make that 5 year goal attainable?
Write that down!

Okay, narrow that down again…  what can you do this month to reach that one year goal?

You guessed it… write that down!
Back it up again… What do you need to do this week to reach the monthly goal?

Now you’re at your daily goal… ask yourself ,”What’s the one thing I can do today to reach my weekly goal?”

Of course, as you get started on this exercise, understand that you don’t have to limit your tasks and strategies to just one.  Your weekly goal, for example, might include 5-7 different tasks or strategies… one for each working day that week.

Write those down!

Goal Evaluation

You might lay down your goals like I suggested above, and then go back through from the bottom to the top, evaluating your goal structure as you go.

Let’s say your weekly goal is to build a new WordPress blog site.  Your daily goals may be listed to read…

  • Day 1 – research and decide on my domain name
  • Day 2 – secure hosting, setup domain name servers, and use cPanel to install a new blog
  • Day 3 – secure and upload a theme, upload necessary plugins, and install them to setup your site
  • Day 4 – create the necessary pages for your site… home page, contact, about us, join, etc.
  • Day 5 – write two posts for your blog to get it started
  • Day 6 – write another blog post and set up a way to monetize the site
  • Day 7 – create a video to post on your blog, and write another blog post

One thing you need to understand… your short term goals must be flexible, and yet, at the same time, they need to be firm. You may need to adjust strategies as you encounter and solve problems, and learn new marketing approaches… but you must not deviate from taking action.

Take action every day… ask yourself, “Based on my written goals, what’s the ONE thing I must do right now to build my business?”

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