What’s Your “Freedom Number”?

What's Your Freedom Number

Back in August of 2010 I retired after 34 years in public education. Retirement sounded exciting… but along with it came a significant reduction in pay.

So I remained part time in my position of Technology Coordinator for the school district in order to supplement my retirement income… I like to tell people that I am “almost” retired.

But, because of this, I have still not reached my goal of “really” being retired… of gaining my “time” and “Financial” freedom.

I am very involved in the ministry of my church, and sometimes, opportunities come up that I would love to volunteer for… especially in disaster relief efforts.

As it stands now, however, I am often unable to volunteer because of the time and financial constraints… it costs a lot of money to fly to some of these places that need help.

So, the question to answer here is how much income I would need each month to step away from my present job. Even though it is just part time, it is still essential to meet my monthly cost of living.

I am luckier than most because my wife and I both receive retirement checks each month. My calculations determine that I need $2,000 each month as my “freedom number”.

How do I reach that income each month?

My commission on the “front end” product of my primary program comes to about $20 per sale. That would mean that I would need to make 100 sales each month to reach my “freedom number”… that’s about 25 sales per week.

But wait… there are also “back end” sales, one of which is a monthly membership site which pays me $42 per sale.

Now the “freedom number” drops to just under 50 sales per month

And the neat thing is the monthly membership site is recurring… this means that once a sale is made, and the customer continues to keep their membership, the cash keeps coming in.

Eventually I will build up a residual income, based on about 50 sales per month, that just keeps coming in, even though I might be in Swaziland, Africa working in an orphanage.

That’s what I’m looking for… that’s my “freedom number”…

What’s yours?


P.S. – My commission on a “high ticket” product sale is $1,000… I would only have to make two sales each month to reach my “freedom number”…

Check out the video link below to learn how…

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3 thoughts on “What’s Your “Freedom Number”?

  1. Hello Greg: I read through some of your posts and appreciate your honesty about your situation. I hope that the clarity you have will keep you moving forward to your freedom number. Like you I am mostly retired but in actuality I work long hours many days on my various Internet Marketing projects…I need to step up and post regularly on my IM blog because I’ve been neglecting it and others while I work on my membership site in personal development. I didn’t check on the dates of your posts to see whether you’ve been consistent but I got the impression you were. Keep up the good work, and the best to you with iPro. Anne
    Anne Uemura recently posted…Newest of Internet Marketing Success Strategies?My Profile

  2. Thanks for the kind words Anne. Blogging is new to me… at least consistent blogging. It is my goal to post at least 3 times per week, so it takes commitments. I am “old school”… I like to sit with a not pad in the evening as my wife and I watch TV, and write during the commercials… or during the show if it is not keeping my attention. I can then go through my notes the next day and post it on my blog… it works for me anyway.

  3. Keep up the good work Greg. Whatever works for you. I must admit I am a bit of a ‘notebook scribbler’ as well but more ideas for posts rather than the whole thing.
    I am still in the JOB but I am taking action and will reap the rewards.
    Thanks for sharing your post.
    Gill Watkins recently posted…Is Internet Marketing For You?My Profile

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